Hair care

How to keep your hair from falling out after you’ve bought the most expensive hairdresser

What’s the best hairstylist for you?That depends on the length of your hair and how much you love your locks.Hairdresser Adam Sandler has some suggestions to help you choose the right hairstylists to suit your style.

The hairdressers who’re changing the way you dress now: The Hairdressers Near Me series

We can get into a hairdresser’s hairbrush at a salon or salon and pick a style, but we can’t pick out the hair dresser.We need a hair stylist to do that. This is where I find myself at with my hairdressing career.In the past, when I needed a stylist, I would often get my hair done…

How to save money on hairdressing by avoiding high prices

Dressing is expensive in India.But with the price of hairdresses falling to as low as $2 per square meter, people can easily save more than the cost of a new suit.In India, there are many places where a man can afford to dress in the traditional fashion of a mohalla, but with some extra help,…

How to buy an Android phone without paying the big bucks

The price of an Android smartphone has been steadily rising in recent months, with the latest Android phones reaching around $700.This means that even though a handset has become a more affordable option, its value has remained relatively flat for many consumers.We’ve got a good list of phones that can be had for just a…

How to Make Your Own Tattoo for $5 at the Tattoo Expo

This is an excerpt from a guest post by Tara C. Miller, a freelance writer, artist, and writer who also has an online business, Tara Miller Tattoo Design.If you’d like to contact Tara Miller directly, please visit her website at can follow her on Twitter or Facebook.