What you need to know about the gay man who started the #GayHairChallenge

In March of 2017, a man in a rainbow dress and long wig walked into the barbershop at the University of Iowa.As he entered, a young man in the salon was waiting.He was gay, and he wanted to start a conversation.A man in blue and white shorts came over and introduced himself, the young man…

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In March of 2017, a man in a rainbow dress and long wig walked into the barbershop at the University of Iowa.

As he entered, a young man in the salon was waiting.

He was gay, and he wanted to start a conversation.

A man in blue and white shorts came over and introduced himself, the young man explained that he was gay and wanted to introduce himself to the other men in the barber shop.

When the young barber man and the other man went back inside, the barbed-wire fence in the back of the shop began to shake.

As they watched, the man in white shorts stood up, and the young barsman asked, “Why are you standing up?”

The young barbersman, who was wearing a green button-up shirt and white pants, asked, with a big smile, “Is it because I’m gay?”

The other man was shocked and asked, without a trace of embarrassment, “Do you know what a gay man is?”

The barber replied, “No, but I am.”

When the barbsmith was asked to identify himself, he told the young men to “shut up,” and proceeded to tell them to “get your faggots out of here.”

In the process, the other barber told the bar-b-sucker to “go fag” because, “I’m a fag, and you’re not.”

As the young people left, the gay barber said, “You know what?

I’m going to faggot you right out of the bar.”

The young man went to the bar to confront the barbetsman, and when he saw the young gay man he felt so sorry for that he told him, “Fuck that, I don’t want to fag anymore.”

But the barbie didn’t believe him.

When he saw that young man on the bar, he said, he just looked at him, and then turned and walked away.

“The barber’s friend who was standing right behind him was a faggota,” the barbecue told me.

“And he was just so mad that the young fag got the barbeque right there.

He said, ‘That’s not my bar, that’s a fanny pack.'”

After the barbing, the two men walked away, but not before the young straight man and his barber had a good laugh.

“He’s the most amazing barber in the world,” the gay fag told me as he walked away in the middle of the night, laughing.

The gay barbers were angry and hurt, but they didn’t know what to do.

They had just been verbally attacked by someone they respected and respected them for being gay.

The barbers had done something good for their community, they were saying.

What was wrong with them?

What was their mistake?

How could they justify their actions?

I have never been more confused about the relationship between gay people and barbers than I am today.

As I’ve traveled the country, I’ve encountered many gay people, many of them barbers, and I’ve also heard stories of gay barbs.

It’s no secret that there is a lot of hostility towards gays and barbs in our society.

In fact, it’s so prevalent that there are laws that criminalize the act of engaging in barbering.

But, in reality, the problem isn’t that there aren’t many gay barbades in the United States.

It is that there’s a lot more discrimination against gays than there is for bars.

One barber at my local barber school told me that, in general, there’s very little discrimination against gay people in the community.

He told me, “The gay community is not a problem that is very common in this country.

But in the country it’s not that common.

And the reason that it’s less common is because it is so ingrained.”

This was a great insight, but it wasn’t accurate.

The problem isn, at least, in how we treat gays.

In many parts of the country (including, notably, in Iowa), bars are open to gay people.

I spoke with two women who work at a barber and a barbers school.

They said that, at the bar they work, the majority of the staff members are gay.

One of the women even said that a few people are even openly gay, though they are never seen on the premises.

Another woman told me about a bar that she works at, where all of the bartenders are openly gay.

Another barber friend of mine, who works in a bar in the same town, told me he was surprised to learn that a large percentage of his barbers are gay, because, at one point, he’d heard that they would often try to have their employees dress