Fun filled family trip to Lansdowne!

Welcome to office after a brief encounter with adventure, Geet!

I was on a weekend holiday/vacation/getaway from past two days. I, with my sister and father went to Lansdowne. After a few google searches I have managed to memorize the spelling to the place I visited recently. The experience was enthralling. I was out of my home and travelling after around 3 years or so. My father and my sister were travelling with me. We started our journey around 3:30 AM in the car we booked for travelling.

The car broke down once we reached the place. Anyway, the travel was not bad, it was fun and the Aircon was working at full pace. It was close to chilly in the car, comfortable chilly. We stopped in between once to have a cup of tea. This was around 7-8 in the morning. It was a small little place which just opened and we were I think the first ones to order something. We rested there for a couple of minutes and left for our destination. The trip was very relaxing. I was excited to use my camera after a long time, I clicked many photographs, some were clicked, of me. I look good in one or two too, I have photographs to be uploaded on social media now. Exciting!

We reached our destination, a hotel we booked for our stay. The hotel was especially secluded and peaceful. It was a great place to sit and read in the midst of nature. We were surrounded by lush green mountain ranges, accompanied by a number of monkeys. There were many sitting in the open area where we had our breakfast and started our clicking expedition. I clicked so many photographs sitting at that very place! I have some great photographs of my father and my sister. 

When chai is all you could think of!
Exactly my expression looking at these mountains. You see, the concept of mountains is a complex one! 

We rested there for some time, around 2-3 hours when our father was extremely bored and didn’t want to sleep, he went for a stroll we later found out. We slept like babies in those cozy blankets and somewhat cold weather. The room was not a 5 star room but had amenities one might require in a two day stay. My father picked up the newspaper as he usually does and started reading. I kept on sleeping. We left from there to Bhulla lake, a lake surrounded by hills with an option for boating. It wasn’t a big lake, it was serene though, with a number of ducks and rabbits inhabiting the confines of the lake area. The ducks were happy to pose.

coming together!
Entrance to the lake area. Well, me standing at it.

We spent quality time clicking photographs and roaming around the place for the next 2 hours. The nearby cafe had excellent pakodas. We munched away we did. 

The garden around lake area.
Tea had ample scope for improvement.

We reached the place where our car broke down. The car was emitting a lot of smoke. We found out later that there is a thing called turbo in the car which was faulty. We couldn’t find a single mechanic to fix it. We continued our trip reaching the market area where we had our lunch. The food was good, not to our taste but good. We spent some time in the restaurant which is very evident to the eye. Its placed right in the middle of the market. It cannot be missed. We read about the restaurant a number of times while planning for the trip, we thought we should try. We ordered our patented meal, Dal, Paneer and Roti. I was thinking of having a pizza because I saw freshly prepared pizza dough on selves. I couldn’t after all we have ordered. On the menu card I saw the sweet which I had tried when I was a kid. The person who was working for/with my father brought it once or twice from his village. I even tried the same sweet in my previous office where there was one person who brought it for everyone from his village. It looks like a chocolate covered with small sugary balls. It can easily pass as Burfi. They were out of it. We asked another shop, they didn’t have any left. We continued. 

Our car was getting checked by a local mechanic, we started walking into the market area. The walk was tiring, the hill was steep where the market was. It was fun to watch so many small shops one after the other, the market was mostly empty as we were visiting in the off season. The dogs were resting in the mid of the streets. The guys on bikes were honking horns like crazy. It was fun to walk around the place. The walk from the market area to the resort in itself was very satisfying. The walk was another reason for our fondness to the resort. We reached the resort in the evening. It was a fun little walk. We saw a number of cows. I saw something I had only heard in my childhood and never understood it. I saw a cow standing in front of a house and mooed the person from inside to give her something to eat. It was strange but new to experience. I have only experienced dogs asking for treats. I should have clicked the photograph, I have to find my moments. We reached the resort and ordered tea. Sat outside, embraced with clouds our chairs moistened with dew and old kishor kumar songs. It was amazing. We ended our day with sweet sounding music. 

Long walk to temple area

The car was not yet ready and we couldn’t take it to the next destination we planned to go. We had to hire another taxi to reach Tarkeshwar temple. This temple is around 40 kms away from Lansdowne. We took the taxi and left for the place after having our breakfast. The temperature was now 24-25 degrees and sun was shining bright. I had my camera lens with me and clicked good close up pictures of my family with mountainous background. The weather was exciting. We had our aaloo paranthas and Dahi with the tea. Their tea was good. My sister didn’t like it as it had a lot more masala than usual, I relished it. 
The drive was around 2 hours long and our phones were charged. We played some tunes and geared up to reach the temple. upon reaching the parking lot we found out that we’ll have to walk around a kilo-meter to reach the temple area. There we saw a notorious monkey grabbing on to people by their legs. He was finding food for himself. 

Let me pose for ya

We took part in the rituals and were on our way back. On the way to the temple, a number of bells on both sides of the walk are hung. We didn’t shy away from ringing each one of those. Though, it was mentioned that we should not ring those bells unless necessary. We couldn’t contemplate necessity. We were on our way back to the market. We talked to the driver and found out that the car was still non working. I was infuriated on the fact that the car was old and was serviced a few days ago. The engine was not working properly and even then the owner sent us in that car. We somehow reached a conclusion to take the car till the bigger market, Kotdwar which was around 40 km downhill from the Lansdowne. In our trip of these 40 km the car consumed 4 lit. of engine oil. We reached around 4:00 PM to Dugudda.

The market was small and there was a bus stand. We parted ways with the driver and boarded the bus to take us to Kotdwar. It was around 5:00 PM when we reached the bus stand and found out there are no Air con buses to Delhi. We boarded the first bus we saw. It took us 6 hours to reach home. It was a fun little trip. I hope we do more trips like these more often. 
Some more photographs from the trip.

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