I was on a call with an HR for the position for content writer. Honestly, I never really thought of myself as a content writer but more of a strategist. anyway, When I got the news, I was excited. I answered all the questions she had and more in the brief 10 min call. Everything was fine. On the call, she failed to mention anything about the assignment I will have to complete in order to be qualified. I received the email after a couple of hours from this call. I deduced.

The total time required for the completion was anywhere between 10-14 hours without any distraction. The required length of answers was nowhere lesser than 500 words. In a situation like this it was not unreasonable to ask for a confirmation from the HR , for the contents to not be published publicly without due credit. I approached them the same way. I asked for a confirmation on my request to not publish any of the answers to their assignment publicly without authoring credit. I have been a situation before where I had written a few pieces and they were used by the organization without any authoring credit. When I approached them, they said its not your work. They found someone to edit the whole thing but the work was mine. Anyway, to not end up in the same situation I asked for a confirmation. I am still awaiting their formal reply, though a “friend” working with them mentioned indirectly that they will not be thrilled and might not even entertain your request.

Well! you’re the boss!

Looking forward to be hearing from them 😉