Letter A : Automation & Ambassador


  1. Take care of tasks (SOP) which really needs your attentions. Once this is done start automation. Ex: trello and IFTTT integration
  2. Saving time is what to be achieved!


  1. Ex. Iphone Ambassador (superf fan who are willing to promote for free)

How is this relevant in my situation ?

Free marketing.

Letter B : Break and Bundle


  1. Always break : take an hour. Always look at when is the best time to take the break.


  1. Always bundle specific things in one. Always bundle. Like a book is bundled with a video course. Create win-win situations.
  2. You can also bundle tasks. Like a blog article and and the marketing and stuff

Letter C : Complain and Confidence

  1. Do not complain : You stuff your head with negative stuff. That hampers yours peak performance. Write all your complaints and forget them. This wastes times and mental stuff.
  2. Only if you have self confidence you can work productively. Take part in confidence tasks. Or just keep doing your stuff as you want and that’s aligned with your morals and righteousness

Letter D : Distraction and Daily

  1. Keep your workflow tight. Get rid of all your notifications and pop ups. Keep a deep work environment. Use headphones and inspirational music etc.
  2. Keep working on these positive things on a daily basis. You make sure you build your habit. Keep pushing your programs daily and remember your goals on a daily basis. Look on your goals on a daily basis. Be consistent.

Letter E : Email and Excel


  1. Emails distract many. Not applicable to me. I work on emails. Why do people send emails? That’s something to get knowledge on. Reduce them morning and evenings etc.
  2. Emails are huge productivity kills for a lot of us. What can you do better. I know.
  3. Work with pre written templates. I am a slave of my email account.

Why? Coz nobody listens and it invites change


  1. The little green tool from MS can be very productivity increasing. I know. I can use this very well. It is a very powerful tool.
  2. Pivot tables are really cool. But not necessary. They are really good at keeping the productivity high.  

Letter F : Feedback and Flexibility


  1. Do not create the product or service as you want it to be, always know what the crx wants it to be. I am awesome.
  2. He is not good at being articulate. feedback
  3. Explanation is to be worked on


2. Not applicable for the reasons above. Nobody listens and it invites change. Nobody likes change, I do.

Letter G : Gossip and Growth


  1. Always keep your relationships healthy


  1. Always keep abreast on your growth curve. Very cool.
  2. Biggest task in life is to grow from day to day. Managing the speed of growth for your company. This could be an opportunity. ENTREPRENEURSHIP

Letter H : Habit and Help


  1. Really build habit : It should be natural. I have good habits, yes. I will read and stuff and reflecting is good. Meditating.

Help :

2. Help is crucial. You should be a person who always offers help. I will now do so.

2. Always ask for help than to keep working towards something wrong. RIGHT DIRECTION.

Letter I : Improvement and Innovation


  1. You can not apply this on business but you can improve your life daily. As long as you don’t improve you cannot become better.


  1. Huge problem for huge companies. Ex : Kodak was a first company for patent on digital photography something.
  2. Always look at the bigger picture and keep your innovation stuff on top of everything else. Ex : Instagram > Facebook (I think)

Letter J : Journey and Justice


  1. Focus on journey as its not about the destination. But it is.


  1. Always take the difficult path like RAM so that your wife can leave you at the end. And it will be so cool for the earth to open up.

Letter K : Kudos and Knowledge


  1. Always be thankful : I am in school. Brush my teeth wear your clothes, say thank you to your mum and dad and go smoke. Yay!

Knowledge is key

Letter L : Lean and Leadership


  1. Start small and be as agile as possible. It’s not a technical term
  2. Take baby steps and work on feedback

Leadership : To inspire and work with the best people

  1. Leadership is not equal to management. Management tell you what to do
  2. Leader tells you how to do it by doing it himself. Lovely.

Letter  M : Mornings and meetings

  1. I waste my mornings : Why ?

I wake up late! I have improved this though.

  1. I don’t have any meetings.I do not waste time, great !

Letter N : Notifications and News

  1. Get rid of all notifications : I already have. I am not a social bee too. ALAS or not
  2. News : Crucial thing to follow news and be up to date. NO.

It costs time and it’s all stupid. There’s nothing to read , it’s all bad.

3. Read listen to podcasts, yay!

Letter O : Optimist and Opportunity

  1. Always glass half full : Always be optimistic. Always have a smile on the face, you are happy you are productive.
  2. Opportunity : Always filter your collabs and stuff. Not all are useful. Very cool
  3. Always think about opportunity costs.

Letter P : Power nap and pareto rule

Pareto rule :

Power nap :

  1. Does not need to include sleep : Always use meditation or something

Letter Q : Quote and quality

  1. Read good quotes for motivation
  2. Quality equipment and stuff. I am legend. Lovely. Presentations in 2 days can be difficult so not best of quality, or you can, depends on you. Prioritize is what he wants to say.
  3. He went with time over quality. 95% to 99% is good.

Letter R : Reflecting and running

  1. Get a better feeling of what happened today. I am not great at it, I can be. I have nothing much to reflect about but still I can
  2. Running can be good for your productivity. Any sports. Good.

Letter S : System and sleep

I have a Dictionary. Checklist is cool.

Do not oversleep, cool.

Letter T : Time and to do list

  1. Track time that’s cool.
  2. To do lists are cool too. Very well said. What am I doing here ? Chilling.

Letter U : Upselling and Unstoppable

I have a dictionary

Unstoppable : To really get things into rolling and to not give up very cool. Make momentum and keep riding it. Very well, we call it the flow.

Letter V : Values and validation

Values :  Academic and Creative this is a fun combination (I think)

Validation : Validate your processes and tasks every other month. Keep things updated.

Letter W : Writing down and workplace

Writing down : Some are good at learning when they write. I do them all good. I don’t have good marks, like that matters. Not to forget writing down and always visualise.

Workplace : Always keep a deep learning environment. GTD, lovely. Keep multiple places for multiple tasks.

Letter X : X-factor and X-ray vision


  1. Keeps the mystery intact. Pretty fast, keep some things with yourself.

X Ray Vision

  1. Keep X-ray vision from outside to deep inside. I have that good. Great.

Letter Y : Youthful and Yes

  1. Keep youthful workplace : ability to get things done and learning is a key parameter to check youthfulness. Challenging is good.
  2. Saying Yes : Saying yes is so much easier than saying no. Context is key. Ex: Apprenticeship. When to start a new business : Always say hell yes or no!

Letter  Z : Zeal and Zero