About me

Hi, My name is Geet Sehgal. I am a resident of Delhi, India. I am an electrical engineer and management postgraduate. I have been living in this world for the past 28 years and I have mixed feelings about it.

One day, after a lot of thought, and when I was feeling particularly low, I asked myself what I could do to change the way I feel. The answer was YouTube. I should tell you that during the time I was extremely interested in binge-watching TV series and movies. I picked up my phone and started finding videos for self-improvement. I was always motivated to improve myself, I just never had the will to put in the effort required to make that change.

At the time I was working as a management trainee. I was working on a tight schedule and during my shenanigans on YouTube I found out a set routine for myself in which I could journal every day. I started Journaling each day of the week, each week of the month. Within a month of maintaining this habit, I could achieve the amount of mental clarity I never hoped to achieve. The practice of writing each day helped in creating newer patterns in my brain, to adopt better self-improving habits.

I continued Journaling for two years and I did it everyday. I never had any agenda in mind nor was I focused on the outcome, I was just focused on writing. The writing was not just typing a couple of words together to make sense. I remember ranting and rambling each day. It helped me with two things. One, I could read and learn faster, accumulating only the information required. Two, I was always clear in my actions, I finally had a sense of direction.

I shared my work with a friend of mine but soon enough I unshared it. I did not want anyone to read my monologues, as they were in those pages. That was also the reason why I didn’t want to publish all of the material online.

In the process, I became extremely interested in writing. It turned into a fun-filled exercise of the mind. With the help of this blog, I am planning to share articles on my learnings with all who are interested.

Feel free to contact me with your suggestions and support.

Thanks for stopping by.